I find myself fighting a constant battle internally about the various social, political, and economic issues that plague our society and will continue to do so for many years. This is because we live in the digital age of social media in which we are confronted with constant opinion (many of them misinformed) on various topics, and exposure to more screen time on electronics than ever before. This opens us up significantly to propaganda, baseless opinions, and other subjective commentary concerning vital problems, which plague our imperfect world. Eventually, I grew fed up with constantly listening to people tell me what was right or wrong concerning a topic; many people I spoke with seemed to make compelling arguments, and even more frustrating, each claim I came across would contradict a previous one. I recurringly told myself I needed to conduct my own research in order to become a more sophisticated individual, but even this can be difficult as many media outlets are riddled with political biases and motives that extend beyond solely reporting the news.

As my years of attending a university have progressed, my vision has become less clouted and intellectual development has allowed me to see beyond these surface level arguments. It has also given me the knowhow to intelligently research various topics from fitting sources authored by experts in the respective fields (I plan for the majority of my sources to come from peer-reviewed journal articles and publications). Unfortunately, I feel lucky to have been provided this knowledge, and an overwhelming amount of American citizens lack this wisdom to correctly and objective look at a topic, and be able to back up their beliefs with supportable data: this is my entire motivation for creating this blog. I want this to be a source that readers can come to and be shown an argument towards a topic, and receive nothing but factual evidence, statistics, quotes, expert opinion, etc. to back up the claims that I am making. Again, I will not make ANY claims, that are not supported by evidence. I trust data and empirical research: not age-old beliefs I have been fed since I was a child, not what others tell me, but instead allow research to guide my thinking and allow me to arrive at a fitting answer. Now, finding this answer is an incredibly difficult feat that I have just only begin to recognize. When looking at macro-level issues, we must be conduct the utmost due diligence, as any decision we make is going to have a ripple-effect on the mass population, which may have been unforeseeable to many (2008 financial crisis, Health Care reform, gun control, etc).

I find myself increasingly thankful that after my time in college and my preparations to head into my intended career path have led me into this new line of thinking. The field I plan to go into is that of strategy consulting: the nature of this business is incredibly demanding as it entails large company executives hiring consultants to help them solve important internal company decisions. If a consultant is not exceptionally thorough in their analyzation of their client’s issue, they risk providing poor recommendations to a company that is paying obscene amounts of money for their services. In order to provide a useful recommendation, consultants must be shrewdly observant to every aspect of their client’s objective, while letting logic and reason guide them to their answer. This thinking is very clear, and clear thinking is shown through easily digestible writing and speaking. As I aspire to be a management consultant in the near future, a major goal of my blog is to practice developing these skills that are so dire to a consultant’s success.

What I hope truly sets this blog apart from most social commentary is one major key: the way I will present my research and arguments. Individuals with weak arguments tend to show only a few major sources that support their belief, but anyone cherry pick evidence to make their claim seem plausible. Real insight comes from a meta analysis of sorts where large numbers of studies and papers are examined. My intent is to look at sources that analyze a topic from different angles to provide a most well-rounded assertion.

Finally, as I am sure there will be readers who are deeply knowledgeable on a topic who would potentially have critiques of my posts with their own fact-based information: for this, I welcome any comments or criticism from readers providing well-researched evidence to contradict my assertions.